CBD Gummies

Why are we better at charging our phones than recharging ourselves? 

Our Powerbank range of vegan gummies has been developed to give you that ‘full tank’ feeling in three incredible flavors.

Unique Innovation

We have developed our vegan gummies by infusing CBD into each piece (rather than spraying or injecting them after they've baked). We use the best fruit extracts and flavors, to produce a great tasting gummy with no residue or bitter hemp aftertaste.

Your kind of good

Each Powerbank gummy provides you with 10mg CBD from full spectrum hemp oil, which is independently tested for an accurate serving every time. The range has been created with sour cherry, watermelon + cacao to keep you energized.

How to use it

We recommend taking 2-3 gummies per day. Start in the morning, then follow up at lunch and/or the evening. Don’t forget to record your intake and how you’re feeling each day in your Pollen journal, which comes free in each order.

Nutritional info

Nutritional info


  • 10mg CBD Gummy
  • USA-Grown Hemp
  • < 0.003% THC Detected
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Vegan
  • 25 Calories Per Gummy
  • 30 Gummies Per Pack

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